The first step towards a more confident smile starts with the first orthodontic appointment at Rohrer Center. Whether you’ve been thinking of braces for yourself or want to ensure a healthy smile for your child, our team will create custom plans to meet your needs. Orthodontic treatment for kids and adults can help rectify misaligned teeth which can prevent jaw problems, difficulty chewing, tooth decay, and gum disease.

The first orthodontic visit gives our team the chance to get to know you and understand your smile goals. Dr. Rohrer is a board-certified orthodontist who will meet with you and your child to examine the teeth and smile. From there we can create plans that include the following:

  • Improve tooth spacing
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Correct over/under bites
  • Repair worn teeth.

Orthodontics does not always mean needing braces. There are several alternatives including Invisalign that can help realign teeth with nearly unnoticeable liners. The first orthodontic visit can help prevent long term complications by improving teeth alignments, helping prevent bone decay, improving and repairing missing teeth, and giving you a brighter more confident smile. Schedule an appointment with Rohrer Center Orthodontics and we will help you decide the best options for the health of your smile.

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First Orthodontic Visit Expectations

  • Meet Dr. Rohrer and our orthodontic team

  • Exams or x-rays may be performed to help understand your orthodontic concerns and begin a care plan

  • Begin the first steps towards a happy, healthy smile for you and your family