Early orthodontic treatment and check-ups can save you and your children a lot of hassle in the long run. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive a check-up by age 7 to increase the success of any needed dental treatments. While Dr. Rohrer probably won’t recommend braces at such a young age, it gives him the opportunity to assess your child’s situation to determine if there are any underlying or potential orthodontic-related issues.

There are several reasons for early age orthodontic treatment:

  • Prepare your child’s mouth for naturally aligned permanent teeth.
  • Decide if braces are necessary for your child
  • Fix minor spacing or alignment issues by removing baby teeth to allow the permanent teeth to come in straight or by using spacers to give incoming teeth more room to grow.

When you make an early orthodontic treatment appointment at the Rohrer Center Orthodontic Smile, we will review with you any necessary options for your child. It is very important to catch any ortho-related issues early to help ensure a happy, healthy smile for children as they get older. With years of experience, we are a top choice for early age orthodontic treatment.

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What to Expect

  • A worry free first appointment where we will discuss your options and introduce you to our friendly staff

  • Early Intervention Options to correct issues right away

  • A future plan for the best early orthodontic treatment age for your child

  • X-rays and Images may be taken to pin-point problem areas

  • A teeth mold may be taken for the next steps of early age orthodontic treatment