Your Virtual Appointment at the Rohrer Center

During this time of COVID-19 regulations that keep us from seeing you face to face, we are working on ways to stay connected and support our patients who are in active orthodontic treatment, as much as possible. Again, we are very sorry we can not schedule a physical appointment in our office during these times of uncertainty. Please, do not stress! We will still stay connected! You may call us with any questions. AND SOON, we will begin implementing a “Virtual Wellness Appointment” to help monitor your treatment and address any concerns you may have.

2 Step Easy Process

#1 Take Photos of Your Teeth

  • Use spoons to retract your lips and cheeks (If you have retractors from the game “Watch your mouth” you can try those!)
  • Take a mobile phone and and have someone take the 5 photos shown below
Virtual Orthodontic Appointment Images
Virtual Orthodontic Appointment Images 2

Tips to having great photos:

  • Have a friend take the photos for you
  • Make sure your flash is on
  • Try and capture just your mouth/teeth if possible
  • Relax your lips – don’t make them tense – this also helps them stretch
  • MOST IMPORTANT: keep your teeth together while taking the photos and make sure to bite on your BACK teeth

#2 Email Your First and Last Name and Photos to

Our team and Dr. Rohrer will then review your photos and get back to you within 1 business day. As always, if you are having an orthodontic emergency, please contact us so we can best help you!