To our Patients and Families:

We hope this finds you well. We have missed you, your wonderful smiles, and we are looking forward to the time we can again care for you!

As the Governor begins changing the restrictions on dental offices around the state, we are excited to be working! Please know that we will be contacting you to schedule your appointment. PLEASE have patience with us as we move in a deliberate manner to accommodate the new way of operating under the new rules put forth by the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Board of Dentistry. We have many new procedures that we must implement to comply with new industry recommendations in the era of COVID-19.

Before your first appointment a COVID-19 Consent Form must be completed one time for each patient.

Please fill out the electronic form by clicking on the button below, sign and submit it.

COVID-19 Informed Consent Form Sign Online

This includes a reduction in the number of patients we see per day, which will mean that it will take some time to get everyone scheduled. We assure you that we will do our best to see you in a timely manner. As always, if you have a concern or an emergent need, please do not hesitate to contact us! Until we can see you, please consider a few things.

1. Please do NOT keep an appointment if you have any flu-like symptoms, including a fever or cough. Also, do not keep an appointment if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

2. Only the patient and/or one guardian should attend an appointment. Anyone that enters the building will have a health screening and may have their temperature taken. If the health screening indicates any symptoms, we will reschedule that day’s appointment. If your child feels comfortable coming into the office alone, parents are welcome to stay in your vehicle until your child is finished and we will call you when they are finished-to schedule or give you details from the appointment.

3.We have temporarily removed the tooth brushing station. WE ASK ALL PATIENTS TO BRUSH WELL AT HOME BEFORE ARRIVING for your appointment. This is VITAL to the health of you and our team. Please help your child in brushing if needed.

4. Patients/parents of minor children will be required to sign a new consent form. This form is located electronically on the homepage of our website Please sign the form prior to your first appointment back to our office.

5. If you have a face covering of any sort, PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASK INTO the clinic for your appointment. If you do not have one, we will provide one for your use while here.

Our Additional Precautions:
1. As a regulated health care facility, we already follow CDC Infection Control protocols. However, we are implementing additional infection control measures and industry recommendations during this pandemic period.

2. You will notice that we have removed materials from the lobby such as reading material, the water cooler and children’s toys, and have moved the furniture to keep distance.

3. We have additional, heightened PPE and disinfection protocols.

4. Our front desk area has plexi-glass barriers and our check-in computer has been removed.

5. Only the patient and staff should enter the clinic area, unless the patient needs to be accompanied by a guardian for a special reason. That guardian will be required to wear a mask and have health screening.

6. All staff will have their own health screening and temperature checks daily and no one is permitted to work if they are feeling ill.

7. Modifications to the clinical work areas have been made to help maintain safer treatment areas.

If you had an appointment to get your braces off that was canceled due to the shut-down:

Your first appointment back in the office will be to evaluate your current status, make any adjustments as necessary, and determine if your next appointment will be to get your braces off. We know that you may be disappointed to not get them off immediately, but we also want to make sure that your smile is just right before taking the braces off. If you are ready to get the braces off, we will schedule you back as soon as possible to do so.

Lastly, if the cases of COVID-19 were to surge in the state, we may be required to shut down again. So, we want everyone to do their part to practice good hand-hygiene, stay home if you feel ill, and cover your cough. 

We are looking forward to seeing you again, and we will be contacting you soon!

Dr. Rohrer and Team

Revised and updated 2/5/2021